Replicating incoming call order from old phone systems

Hello. Most of our customers have transitioned from analog phone systems to our VoIP service. As you are familiar with, the users would share lines on their old phones. When a call would come in, it would fall on line one; the second call would fall on line two,etc. When an employee would put the caller from line one on hold, they could walk over to another part of the office and pick up the call on line one.

What is the best way to replicate that? We are aware of Parking Lots and the Parking Lot Pro module. Is there a more user-friendly way of doing this so that the receptionists don’t have to use feature codes? We also have multiple FreePBX servers and don’t want to buy modules for each if not necessary.
Thank you

Replicating that is challenging. There are lots of little two- and three-phone systems out there where the people using them have come up with ways of dealing with their limitations.

DAHDI interfaces can do this if you are willing to install a server in the local network.

Chan-SCCP-B has a shared line feature that allows for this. Of course, that means you’d have to get Cisco phones to use SCCP. I’m not aware of anything that will work with SIP.