Replicate existing call route IVR users etc

I am setting up a system that is controlling the flow of DID 01612223456
There is one user
10 extensions
1 dynamic route (calls a MySQL table )
3 voicemails
Inbound & outbound rules.

Once finalised ( if there is ever such a thing) I need to replicate everything for subsequent DIDs. Eg 01612223457 to

I would have to edit the DID and usernames etc once created.

Also the MYSQL query.

Is this possible


Based on your other question, I think you are trying to implement multi-tenant on FreePBX. My understanding is that FreePBX is generally considered unsuitable for this, Sangoma’s other Asterisk based product, Switchvox, is, reportedly, more suitable.

Also, as it sounds like you are reselling telephony services, especially if you are in the USA, you should make sure that you are familiar with the legal restrictions on such businesses. Several people here have dropped out of that market, because the legal bureaucracy is unaffordable.

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