Replacing TDM400P

I am not very familiar with analog cards and DAHDI.

Yesterday my FreePBX system smelled funny for a few minutes and after that my two FXS ports (used for fax machines) on my TDM400P do not work anymore. (The two FXO ports on the same card still work.)

I have an identical card as a backup on my shelf.

Do these cards have some kind of MAC? Anything I need to change in the config when I exchange the card? Or can I just replace it?

I could also replace the FXS module, but I am too scared the card might be defective and destroy the module.

Thanks for your help! I need to be up and running by Monday morning 8 am :wink:

FreePBX already has the necessary drivers and will recognise your new card. Assuming the daughter boards aren’t fried! Do you have spare FXS/FXO boards?

Yes, I have an extra card with boards just for an emergancy.

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What was the resolve?

I did not have time to do extensive testing. I had to bypass the card for now, as the card stopped working again and again. I might switch to an external FXO.

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