Replacing Ring Group with Queues for stats purpose

In the CDR, I noticed that queues do not behave like ring groups.

When ring groups are used, the destination in the CDR is always the number of the ring group. There is one entry in the CDR for every extension that is part of the ring group but they all show the ring group number as destination. There is no easy way to have stats or who answers the most calls.

With queues, it’s different. There is one entry for every extension that is part of the queue but the destination shows the extension, not the queue number. It’s a lot easier to have meaningful stats.

That being said, I have a question: is is possible for a queue to ring for 2 incoming calls at the same time ?Example: if 2 persons call in at the same time and are directed to a queue , only one line will ring on the phones. The second call with start ringing once the first one is answered (this is what a queue means, I know) In a ring group scenario, both lines would ring at the same time. It’s not a major thing but it adds a little delay when 2 calls come in a the same time.

Sounds like you want a queue with “Ring Strategy” set to “ringall” and “Skip Busy Agents” set to “yes”

Experiment with ‘Autofill’ and ring strategies for the queue, you might find what you’re looking for.

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