Replacing "canreinvite" by "directmedia" [FIXED]


Are there any way to replace, in FreePBX 2.7, the sip options “canreinvite” by “directmedia”?
I saw that in next FreePBX version this this is the default, because “canreinvite” is deprecated in Asterisk 1.6.2.x, but while the new FreePBX versions isn’t released, how can I replace it?

Thank you so much!

deprecated means it still works the old way until 1.8


I know that! :slight_smile:
But, that was not what I gently asked. :wink:

M. Lindheimer, sorry for my unpolite way in our last discussion, but, if you can’t or don’t want to tell me what I asked, I would like you don’t answer me anything. We can match like that?

Thank you very very much.


when you ask a question in the public forum it is viewable by thousands of people and asking such a question leads many readers to wonder if the implication is that something is broken. You will also find that many people ask things that they don’t mean. For example, they come to the conclusion that macro-user-callerid is broken when it is not, when something else is wrong with their system. But yet they get tunnel vision and focus in the wrong area.

The answer that was posted was a very valid answer for the readership, which is to say that there is nothing to be concerned about because of a deprecated command.

It is not the default in the next version, there is a ticket open to address it. You can’t change it unless you want to modify the code.