Replace older hardware and upgrade to FreePBX13

I need to upgrade my hardware (as older computer fans are running at full speed and concerned that older hardware is about to die.) As I understand it is better to do a full backup. Install the same version (6.12.65-28) on the newer hardware and restore. After all appears to functioning correctly, then upgrade to 10.13.66-whatever (with an upgrade script?)
(I have not done this in a long, long time!) Suggestions? Advice?

To add . . . the old hardware is a 32 bit computer and the new hardware is 64 bit. When I backup the (older) 32 bit and then restore to the 64 bit . . . the 64 bit system is not setting up correctly. I can receive calls but extensions are not functional. I ran “amportal a ma install extensionroutes” and “amportal a ma enable extensionroutes” and the install goes okay but the enable says extensions are “enabled already.”

I have begun thinking that users cannot use a 32 bit backup to restore a 64 bit machine?

We’ve done a lot of work to try to let you restore between CPU architectures, BUT, you’ll probably still have dramas.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the ‘astdb’ can’t be read. You can check this by asterisk -rx 'database show' in the shell. You should have a bunch of things, at least 5 lines for every extension that’s configured.

Another way around it, is to get the 13 machine to as good-as-you-can-get, then do a bulk export, and a bulk import. That’ll re-create all the astdb entries.