Replace default voicebox announcement

Hi all,

how can I customize standard messages like the voice box announcement “The extension 123 is unavailable …”?

I uploaded the new announcement, but don’t know how to use it instead of the default one.


I think the easiest way is to pick up the phone, dial *97 and login to you voicemail. Press “0” for options and record your message(s).

Thanks, Robert.

My situation is, that we are having a “nice” prerecorded announcement, that should replace the default one for multiple voice boxes. (Having everybody care for his own isn’t a option in our case.)

Any hints on that?


Well… One way would be to have each ext in it’s own ring group with the failover destination an announcement that goes to the mailbox with no message. That way your could choose the recording.

Or you can copy the file that you have (make sure that it is compatible with voicemail) into each /var/spool/voicemail/defailt/extension-no and name it “greet.wav” and “greet.WAV”


Copy the file to some location and link it to the greet file in the extension dir. That way, if you wish to change it, you have to change only one. I’d also write protect the entries so that a user can’t change them.