Replace Caller ID Name for Follow Me Settings

Hi Everyone,
We’re a very happy FreePBX version user. And I had a question regarding Follow me. We use follow me to ring multiple extensions so that all of our customer’s calls are answered.

We use the CID Name Prefix field to so that we know which extension the caller originally rang.

Is it possible to replace the Caller ID NAME instead of appending to it?

Right now if the CID Name prefix is set to Steves Line our phone’s display looks like this (assuming Dominoes Pizza calls Steve).

Steves Line Dominoes Pizza

The problem is that our phone’s display scrolls the Caller ID name. So it is very likely that we won’t see the Steves Line portion of the Caller ID NAME.

Can anyone suggest a work around for this?

Quick fix, use “S:” for “Steve’s Line” and “J:” for “Joey’s Line” Over the PSTN CNAM is limited to 15 upper case ASCII characters depending on your phone you will still see that DOMINOES called.

Thanks for the quick response dicko. I’m actually trying to accomplish the opposite. I only want to see Steve’s line and then the caller id number. I don’t want to see Caller ID NAME “Dominoes”

send the call to a custom context that has something like:-

exten => _x.,1,Set(CALLERID(name)="")
exten => _x.,n,goto(from-pstn,${EXTEN},1)