Repeating Hunt Groups

I think I am missing the obvious here but is there a simple way to make a ring group or a follow me hunt until answered?

I tried setting the “destination if no answer” option to itself or to another ring group (that just repeats the same hunt group) but no matter what I do it stops after going through the list just once.

This is FreePBX v15 and Asterisk 16.

The only thing of consequence I see logging wise is this (and I see it each time for the most part).

[2019-03-26 00:58:23] NOTICE[24768] pbx_spool.c: Call failed to go through, reason (3) Remote end Ringing
[2019-03-26 00:58:23] NOTICE[24768] pbx_spool.c: Queued call to Local/[email protected] expired without completion after 0 attempts

Thank you

You need to go “somewhere” that stops the chain. If the phone is ringing, it’s busy, and if it’s busy, you can’t add another call to it without adding Call Waiting.

One system I installed used “escalating” ring groups (three groups on 10-second timeouts) as a destination for an “emergency” call, but that worked because I added new devices to the groups every time.

On a “for the love of humanity” note, please don’t do this. Ring the group. If no one answers, forward to your FMFM location, if that fails, drop to voicemail, or send the call to someone that’s going to answer, or send it to voicemail, or anything but looping endlessly trying to p*ss everyone on the call off.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. Understood on the looping. I think now it makes more sense to escalate or loop X times vs just repeat until infinity. Thanks again and have a good one.

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Actually, I tried nesting ring groups. IE one RG points to another (which then is set to hangup at the end) and it will hunt through the first but not the second. It just stops.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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