Repeat IVR option from dial to recipent

Hopefully I am saying this correctly, Is there a way to capture the option that was chosen from the dialer as they call in and went through an IVR, and repeat their option to the recipient before the line is connected?

For example:
I call in to you, I hear a message that allows me to make a selection 1-3
I choose 2
Before I am connected to you, the system notifies you that I chose 2
The line is then connected (maybe even with a 5 second delay)

The easiest thing to do would be to have the option go to a ring group and prepend an identifier to it. We use this on our inbound routes to identify which of our company’s services the customer is calling about.

Program intermediary “announcements” between the ivr selections and the final destination. Script the announcements to suit.

He’s looking to play it to the agent, not the caller :wink: