Renwal fee for commerical modules

Sangoma, your update service needs to differentiate between enhancements and bug fixes. There is no way in hell I am going to continue to pay for bug fixes for a product that I have already paid for… especially when you can’t seem to figure out how to support Centos 7!!!

I might pay for enhancements… but not bug fixes.

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Most of the development work we put into FreePBX is freely returned to the community, in fact over the last year Sangoma developers have made huge commitments to the project (almost doubling the codebase over the past year, with a huge re-write of the GUI.)

FreePBX is also supported by a real company with expenses and budgets, and is completed by real developers with real families and expenses, these are the same folks that develop and support the commercial applications you utilize. We make the modules extremely affordable, and many people cover their return on investment within hours of purchasing the modules. (Example Most deployments utilizing EPM can cover the cost of the module and provide a return on investment the same day of purchase.)

Without your contributions in purchasing commercial modules (which we include both bug fixes and enhancements for the first year) we would not be able to continue to develop either commercial applications or the opensource FreePBX. Your support is what makes the platform you use possible. You can read more about module renewals here: Commercial Modules, Support Provided, Upcoming Changes | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring