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Renaming an RMS Node

(Adolfo) #1

If I rename a node in the RMS portal, it seems to only stay renamed for about 12-24 hours, then it reverts back.
I’m guessing it corrects itself after a time to a hostname value on the FreePBX system. Anyway to make that renamed value permanent? Or should I always have the hostname match the RMS node name?

(Moises Silva) #2

@Adolfoc Did you try that recently? we fixed a similar issue last week.

(Adolfo) #3

yes, as recent as yesterday.

(Moises Silva) #4

Hum, let me have a look and see what I find. I’ll keep you posted.

(Moises Silva) #5

Found the problem. We’ll be doing an update later in the evening today to solve it. I’ll update once the deploy is done.

(Moises Silva) #6

@adolfoc We just deployed several fixes, including the name resetting, please try again and let us know if you still experience the issue.

(Adolfo) #7

seems like it’s working. thanks