Removing i686 packages from 64bit installation

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In a FreePBX 15 installation I’m attempting to do a system update, either by the webUI or terminal, and it’s failing due to duplicate packages with different architectures. There are i686 packages in conflict with x86_64 packages. I attempted to remove these via terminal with “yum remove *.i?86”, but an error is thrown about “sangoma-pbx” being protected. This server started life pre Sangoma distro (CentOS 7?), but still was installed from the freepbx iso from Sangoma site.

I have checked the repo enabled, and it LOOKS right to me:

|Repo Name|Enabled|Package URL|
|sng-base (Sangoma)|Yes| release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=os&dist=$dist&staging=$staging|
|sng-updates (Sangoma)|Yes|$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=updates&dist=$dist&staging=$staging|
|sng-extras (Sangoma)|Yes|$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=extras&dist=$dist&staging=$staging|
|sng-pkgs (Sangoma)|Yes|$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=sng7&dist=$dist&staging=$staging|
|sng-epel (Sangoma)|Yes|$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=epel&dist=$dist&staging=$staging|
|Webmin (Webmin Distribution Neutral)|Yes||

Right now, if I do a “yum update”, an error pops:

Error: Package: glibc-common-2.17-260.el7_6.6.x86_64 (@sng-updates)
           Requires: glibc = 2.17-260.el7_6.6
           Removing: glibc-2.17-260.el7_6.6.i686 (@sng-updates)
               glibc = 2.17-260.el7_6.6
           Updated By: glibc-2.17-307.el7.1.i686 (sng-base)
               glibc = 2.17-307.el7.1
 You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem

After the error is where the duplicate i686 packages show up from “yum check”. Skip broken does not resolve this issue.

Any help is appreciated!

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I was able to get the majority of updates installed by unchecking glibc through the webmin update. Does FreePBX (sangoma-pbx) package require i686 glibc?

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For those that might find this in the future, the fix was 2 fold:

From here, I did:

yum reinstall glibc-2.17-307.el7.1.x86_64 glibc-common-2.17-307.el7.1.x86_64 yum update    

which got me to a multilib version problems found.
After this, a bit of googling found me:

and from there I found:

package-cleanup --cleandupes    

Then I was able to successfully yum update

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