Removed device and now mac address will not register

Hello all. So I am stumped. I have multiple Digium P330 phones on my PBX.
I had mapped an extension to a phone and it worked fine. The person using that phone upgraded to a new one so I decided to use the P330 in another area in our office.

I reconfigured the new upgraded phone and that mapped fine.

I went to configure the old P330 to a new extension and now I am receiving this error.

Selected account [‘acount1’] and mac [‘macaddress’] is already associated with extension [‘780459xxxxx-001’]. Please select another account if you want to associate with same mac address.

First, what is this extension, why does it exist and what is it used for.
Second, how do I remove the association of that mac address with that extension.

I have looked into Asterisk info->peers to see if I could find the extension. I have searched through everything I can think of and have no idea where that extension is coming from.

Do both phones use the same extension number? In EPM check the two phones…

No they do not. In EPM, all extensions are xxx-1 and only one mac assigned to each. The mac in question, isn’t assigned to any extension in EPM.

Figured it out after some help from tech support. Though their solution didn’t work, it led me in the right direction.

SSH into PBX and run the following command.

fwconsole epm remove 78045978795-001

Replace the 78045978795-001 with whatever extension you’re trying to remove.

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