Remove the Freepbx name from pages?

My client doesn’t want to see the freepbx. Can we rename these buttons and signs? I don’t see it being a big deal but it was a request.

You cannot change the logos without violating the freepbx rules. You can pay for it but last time I checked it was 10k.

yes I was looking at the OEM program. You’re telling me it’s $10k?

I and really no one else in the forums can not quote you a price for anything. Please contact sales with your needs

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That was like 6 months ago when I called sales and asked about the OEM program

that’s insane. I just wanted to pretty up the page for a customer without hacking the php and it breaking in later updates.

So pretty it up for EVERYONE and do a pull request.

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The OEM program is not meant for a “one-off” modification for a single customer.

Example: Foxconn is not an OEM partner of Apple because Apple only ever made one iPhone ever.

If you are doing one-off modifications of FreePBX then the OEM program is not for you.

Keep in mind that removing the trademark “FreePBX” and “Sangoma” from FreePBX is illegal if you are not part of the OEM program.

FYI: Outside of the OEM program you can change all logos presented through “Advanced Settings” (turn read only to yes). There are some in there that are pretty lenient.

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So he can change or not? when he is out of OEM program!!?

Seems pretty clear to me?

I want to remove the “welcome to freepbx” and the “freepbx administration” or rename them basically. I am aware of the advanced settings but I do not see where you can change these options.

I’d really prefer you didn’t. Because then when you are unreachable and they try googling for ‘Seninalace’s Amazing PBX in a Can’ support, they’re not going to find it.

If you don’t like the name ‘FreePBX’ then you can always buy PBXact, which is basically FreePBX with a different name, and better support.

Edit: Let me just make myself clear - this is open source. You are perfectly within your rights to edit any file. I just think it’s crazy to change the name of the product so that you explicitly remove the ability of your clients to get support.

sounds good to me and I agree. Will the PBXact allow for this?

“Keep in mind that removing the trademark “FreePBX” and “Sangoma” from FreePBX is illegal if you are not part of the OEM program.???”

@psdk Please feel free to read more about copyright laws and the GNU GPL v2.

As for removing the name freepbx and sangoma you can’t unless you make the project entirely different. So if you forked it and then setup your own mirror servers and hosted your own distro (not a copy of sangoma) and changed vast amounts of code you’d be effectively on a different path and this could theoretically change the name legally.

How do you think Microsoft would feel if you stripped out the word Microsoft from Windows and then went out and sold your version of “windows” without Microsoft name. Thats effectively copyright infringement.

Taking someone’s work and simply changing the name or logos is copyright infringement plain and simple. You are claiming the work as your own when you did none of the work yourself.

Microsoft itself has an OEM program (this is not the same as buying an OEM copy of Windows. It’s still called windows in that sense) to remove their logos and trademarks of course, these programs aren’t cheap. But then again John Smith isn’t looking to buy an OEM license to get rid of the word windows for a few clients.

Thank you for clarification.
I agree with you.

So PBXact doesn’t solve his issue, I think this is misunderstanding too. (xrobau)

PBXact solves the usage of the word freepbx which does not exist in that product. Many companies have an issue with the word “free” thinking it means not supported or not well maintained. Put simply PBXact helps fill this void with additional benefits.

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perfect solution! I can still run that on my own box vs buying theirs?

Yes you can. It requires use of the distro though. But can be installed on any machine.