Remove support link from FreePBX login page

I am using FreePBX 12 and I’d like to remove the “Get Support” link from the middle of the FreePBX Splash page ,but I’m unable to find the file which contains these links. I was not able to see this in the main index.php file in my web root, so I imagine this may be somewhere else. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction?

You cant remove them from anywhere in FreePBX. Also anything you hard code to remove it will get replaced when you update modules in FreePBX

It seems to be a reasonable requirement.

There is an open source IM package that seems to have been internally deployed by one of the most well known software marketing companies. The support list for that software frequently receives requests for support from employees of that company which they cannot answer because they don’t know the context in which the software is being used. If the company had built a version with the support information link reconfigured, they could possibly have avoided that problem, which not only causes problems for their employees, but also shows the company in a poor light.

That page is for administrators not users. If your users are there you may have a bigger issue.