Remove prefix from incoming trunk

Hi everyone,

We have setup a peering agreement with another carrier to exchange traffic.

I have created a SIP Trunk with the specific outgoing peer and incoming user details. Everything appears to be working correctly… calls are being made and receive as expected by this new trunk.

However, my issue is that the carrier sending me traffic appends a prefix to the number being dialed. As such, we we pass that number to our trunks for processing, the number being dialed is of course invalid, due to the prefix.

The question…
How do I remove a prefix from incoming SIP trunk?

The logs show:
– Executing [1234516475551212@from-internal:5] Progress(“SIP/ICX-in-00064de8”, “”) in new stack

Whereas I need to remove the 12345 and simply execute:
– Executing [16475551212@from-internal:5] Progress(“SIP/ICX-in-00064de8”, “”) in new stack

In the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules I have added the prefix, but this section only seems to apply to outgoing (not incoming).

We are using: FreePBX 2.8.1, Elastix 2.2 and Asterisk

Assistance from the group would be greatly appreciated.


For anyone else needing assistance with this…
Here is the article on FreePBX:

Worked perfectly!