Remove modules permanently

i have removed some some models from my freePBX instance which i dont need (e.g. xmpp) but after installing an freepbx system upgrade via system admin some modules are reinstalled automaticly. Is there a way to remove unnessessary modules permanently and prevent reinstallation during system upgrade process?


Don’t uninstall them - disable them. That way the updater knows that you don’t want the module running, but you still want the system to be up-to-date.

Disable modules is giving extra overhead for cpu and memory, as they cron in the background. For ex ample pagingpro and ‘qxact reports’ It would be nice if there was a possibility to permanently remove modules and only install them if you want to use them. If I am correct, this reinstall of modules only hapens with commercial modules? I understand the commercial thinking, but must admit it is strange. Before Fpbx version 12 this was not the case.

Unlicensed modules don’t add Cron jobs. If they are manually added or run while unlicensed they exit immediately with zero overhead. Essentially any unlicensed module does absolutely nothing even enabled.

Hello James,

This is also what I expected, but I think this is not the case for some modules.
Cronjobs are not added, but already present, so these modules execute, even when disabled. As far as I can see now.

I have monitored a system with top command with delay of 1 second and lowered the systeem max cpu mhz to 200, to see what happens on the cpu load.
Qxact-reports, Pagingpro are creating overhead, even after disabled.

See screenshot.