Remove inbound country code +39

Hi, my SIP provider send ALWAYS the country code (+39 for Italy)
I need to remove it cause the cid resolution dosen’t work and it cause a lot of problem (as an example i can’t call back, need to write down the number and call back).
I want to use the integrated phonebook as phone resolution source but i can’t: the +39 on the number cause the number to be not recognized!!! I use ONLY SIP TRUNK. Thank to every one that can help!

There’s a special incoming context for this, IIRC. It’s something like E164… It removes the country code and all the other stuff at the front of the number you don’t need.

I went through the same to eliminate the country code and use a CID lookup that works just putting together scattered info and tips I read on the web and in this (great) forum.

See if it helps: Asterisk Phonebook vs CID Lookup source