Remove disconnect tone when the other end caller hangup the call

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I hope you are doing well . I have a customer that needs to remove the disconnect tone heard by the agents when the other end hang-up the call.

The other end is calling from PSTN.

May i know how can i achieved this ?

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How are you connected to the PSTN? Where are you connecting to the PSTN. If you are only getting this from the PSTN, the only theoretical way of suppressing it might be to delay the audio for long enough to recognize the tone, which is not something that I think is supported, and would, itself, be undesirable.

Note that I’m an Asterisk person, not a FreePBX one, but if FreePBX were generating the tone, I think it would affect local calls too,

I’d assuming you are either using an analogue connection and detecting release by the busy tone, or you are in a country, with an ancient telephone system, which still has an analogue backbone and still uses 2600Hz to mark idle channels.

Good Morning David
I have VOIP Gateway with FXO ports . I have two lines from Teleco company connected to those FXO ports.

Callers ==>Teleco Company ==> Gateway ==> FreePBX ==> Queue ==> Agents (Using Softphones)

May be i didn’t explain what i need . Let me further explain .

Normally , When the caller ends the call , The agents hear 2 peeps before the call release from Softphone . What is required that when the caller ends/hangup the call , The agents hear nothing .

How can freepbx achieves this ?

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If the Telco provides some indication prior to playing the beeps, such as dropping loop current or polarity reversal, you may be able to configure the gateway to detect that.

Ask them or check with a voltmeter, butt set, etc.

Otherwise, there is no solution other than having them deliver calls by a different means, such as BRI or SIP trunk.

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Well Noted . So is there a way to replace it with any tone or music file from FreePBX side ?

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No, the disconnect tone is actually played by the Telco. If you connect an analog phone in place of the gateway, you will still hear it.

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Thx for your support.

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