Remove delete button from the old call recording portal

hi guys,
I am using old FreePBX and in this pbx we can use the call recording portal which is

but the issue is that it has delete button and anyone can delete the recordings which is alarming and due to company policy we don’t allow anyone to delete any recording.

so Please is there any way that we can remove this delete button and also one of my important recording was deleted and I want to track who deleted this recording.

Is there any way that we can check who deleted this recording.
and also how can we limit the access or remove this delete button.

I doubt it, unless you want to upgrade.

You can certainly do this yourself. It’s open source and not hard to modify.

where can I find this option. in which file. it would be great if we can find this option.

The UCP introduced as a replacement for the creaky old Asterisk Recording Interface which is captured above, no longer allows users to delete recordings. Upgrading is long overdue anyway:

yeah we have planned to upgrade but it require little time.

In the meanwhile we need to give access to the team leads for QA purposes but this delete button is giving us hard time.

You need to upgrade. If you dont want the delete button your have 2 options. Upgrade to FreePBX 14 or go find the code in ARI and remove the button.

Able to remove the button and you know what the hard part is this module deletes the file from the hard disk and only leave the logs.

well thanks guys I have removed it

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