Remove dahdi

is there a way to safely and completely remove dahdi from freepbx 13? I’m using the freepbx 12 distro - upgraded to 13. I wish to downgrade dahdi to an earlier version by first removing then reinstalling. I’ve tried deleting dahdi stuff using modprobe -r but it didn’t work. After trawling google I couldn’t find any other way that worked with freepbx 13. I’m willing to try almost anything as I’ll be testing the removal on a spare/restorable machine anyway. Thanks for any help.

You would need to yum erase all the DAHDI modules and then compile from source the DAHDI you want. And hope it works. Modern Asterisk won’t support older DAHDI.

ok thanks I’ll give that a try, it doesn’t matter if I mess the machine up, it’s only a test machine anyway.