Remove 3 ring delay?

When calling , the callers phone rings 3 times before the system starts to ring

I have set the incoming , pause before answer to 0

How do I remove the 3 ring delay? Is there a setting somewhere else I have missed?



Need a bit more info.

Is it an analog line connected to a voice gateway? Whats the voice gateway device? Whats your inbound route send the call to? An extension? Ring group? Queue?


There are 2 analog lines and 2 isdn lines ,all on Sangoma hardware

Any call coming in have the same issue , 3 rings from the callers before the system rings

Call come into a ring Group with 1 phone in , this then goes to another ring Group in case Group 1 is busy.

There is a setting in incoming routes toallow a delay for fax or alarm line , this is set to 0



Is Sangoma a card or a separate hardware unit? Its a setting on that unit. (Not freepbx) do you configure via webgui outside of freepbx? Cisco SPA 3102 gateway has a default 15 second delay before sending for example

Is the delay just the call setup time? Hook an analog telephone up to the analog line and call in. How many times to you hear it ring before the telephone rings?

Most often that is Asterisk waiting for the CallerID to be sent (which happens between the first and second ring).

That shouldn’t happen on the ISDN line though

You get the gold star :wink:

I will put up with it as all the lines will be ISDN soon

Thanks for the help