Remotely stopping a call and changing ring group for a video doorbell


I’m going to install a Grandstream SIP GDS3710 video doorbell with FreePBX.
At this time I’m doing tests with it on my desk.
When people will ring at the door it will call a ring group.

I was wondering if there is any way to control the call and stop it if the gate is opened.
(people ring at the gate and instead of opening it remotely we directly go at the gate to greet the person)

It seems the only thing implemented by Grandstream is the call being stopped when the door is remotely opened.

The gate has a sensor connected to a home automation system, is there any way to to stop the call remotely with an http request or any other way?

Is it also possible to modify the ring group extensions list remotely, like for example when the home automation know I’m at home it puts me in first in the ring group and when someone who isn’t all the time time only get the calls when they are here.

Also another question for people owning this device, when I call from the outdoor GDS3710 to the GSC3570 internal screen the video is working, when I do a video call from inside GSC3570 to outside there’s never the video. Is there any trick to make this work?


Branching call flow based on a condition is a Dynamic Routes feature. If you can make an http(s) API call and get a different result back if gate is open/closed then configure the Dynamic route to different destination based on the API result.

I tried your suggestion but it seems I’m missing something.
I tried a dynamic route, it works when the call is initiated but what I need is to stop the ring group calling the extensions if the door is opened while it’s ringing and I didn’t see how to do it using the dynamic route.

I understand now, I’ve sent you down the wrong path. You’re asking for a way to have Asterisk cancel the active door phone channel(s) when triggered. You would need to use the AMI command Hangup together with an appropriate regex that identifies the door phone channel and then do that remotely. This is not a simple request.

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