Remotely force custom module upgrade


Im not sure if this is the best place, but I thought I would start here.

I have a custom module which is hosted on an webserver with the associated json file.
A PBX with the module installed can have the module manually updated by going to “module admin” etc.

If we discover a vulnerability with our module, we would like to force a module update, the same way that FreePBX forces updates of the standard modules where there is a vulnerability update.

I can not find any documentation about how to do this.
Is this even possible on custom modules?


This is done by way of a security list that comes from the mirror. The only way to do this is having your module on the mirror server.

Wait for the 3rd party hosting json code to support some sort of critical/security flag(likely a long wait unless you work up a pull request for it) or schedule your own cron job to check for and install updates.

We do have a commercial solution that may be of help, feel free to send me a PM if you would like to know more.

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