Remote (VPN) users need to double dial


Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully aide me in my quest.

I have been working with my provider for about two months on this and I am out of ideas, and patience. I have two users in remote locations, in their home office is a firewall which uses VPN to connect to our LAN. The VPN is managed by our provider. Our FreePBX box lives in their facility, but it is ours and I control it. Each time the users what to dial someone, internal or external they need to dial twice.

The pick up the phone and dial, network failure. The hang up and dial again, instantaneosly, and the call goes right through. They can make as many calls as they want now, unless a few minutes goes by without dialing, then they must again dial twice.

This is beginning to stress me out as one of the users is actually my boss. I have pcap files and other captures that I can post, if anyone wants to see them.

Any ideas you have please let me know, any questions I will strive to answer.

Thank you,

The VPN is timing out. It will do that unless it sees “interesting” traffic.

You need to either enable keep alives on the phones (if thay support it, will be called NAT keep alive) or set the SIP registration interval lower than the VPN session timer.

Standard stuff.