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I have a local freepbx server and i want to use a softphone with 4g in order to connect with my freepbx.
I have a router from an internet provider and a mikrotik i have all ready opened the port UDP
5060 and 10000-20000 and with the same method i have opened others ports in both routers.
The problem is that if i do a test on the port from a webpage then it says that these ports are closed.

What do i do wrong? is not these ports that i need? i must make a change on the freepbx?

These are the details of freepbx:
Freepbx free version.
PBX Version:
PBX Distro:
Asterisk Version:

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The http service uses TCP, is that forwarded for the Apache port(s)?

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How can i check it?

If your device can register with the PBX, the ports are properly configured and there is nothing to check.

If not, but the Asterisk log shows errors for the registration attempts, the ports are properly configured and you need to resolve the problem with username, password, etc.

If nothing in the Asterisk log, run sngrep and see whether registration attempts appear. If so, FreePBX firewall is blocking them.

If nothing in sngrep, your Mikrotik has a packet capture tool to check whether the attempts are reaching the WAN interface. If also nothing there, your ISP router may be blocking the port. It may be possible to put it in bridge mode.


The ports is open in both routers but they dont work. I have opened them like the others ports.

I have tried what you told me in the already existent softphone that works properly with the local ip but it didnt work.

That is why i wonder if i need to do an adjustment in freebpx in order to make the ports to work properly.

Then they arent open and you arent doing something correctly in your router. Thats not a FreePBX issue…

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