Remote SIP Phones / VPN

I need to be able to add some remote ip phones to the system, and guess I need vpn from the outside sources. Any documentation on this, maybe it is available and I just did not find it.

Also, any experience with LINKSYS ROUTER LRT224 and Yealink phones, anyone know if this combination works, or is there a better way to proceed.


Any VPN will work, it’s not specific to voice. If the server can ping the private IP of the phone at the remote end of the tunnel and it responds with it’s own IP (no NAT) then you have a successful connection.

Add the network to sip settings module under localnet in FreePBX and now the phone can be provisioned and work perfectly with VoIP.

I’ve a similar problem.
I’ve moved a couple of SIP phones (Linksys SPA941) from inside the company to outside the company and now they are not able to register again.
Previous IP address was: and now are moved on
Our FreePBX server is
I can ping in both direction (server can PING the phone and with a PC ( on the same remote network I can PING my FreePBX server.
More strange, is that if I install on that remote PC ZOIPER software and I configure as the phone (just pointing at the same server) it works fine!
So it seems that network, firewall and any other parts of the network seems to work fine.
Any idea what should I change more than the IP address in the LinkSys SPA941 (but I have the same problem using a Siemens Cordless Gigaset C470IP) to work as it’s working the PC?

  1. What are the routers on each end of the vpn? Cisco?
  2. Do you have sip port (5060) forwarded on the 192.168.5 router? This will interfere with vpn traffic to the same port/ipaddress and requires the use of a route map.

if you are using yealink phones you might use their vpn capabilities. i guess it depends on the number of remote phones, but if they are only a few or if they are scattered the using the yealink vpn is the ticket.

There should be a problem in the router configuration, as it’s working only
with network numbers below 200.

anyway I’ve solved giving to the phone the address and then,
if I’ll have time, I’ll investigate.


SkykingOH - I am finally getting around to this, Any idea if a good doc was ever created? I have yealink phones,and I built a separate openvpn server and attached to the freepbx network. I can vpn into that network via putty. I can try the trial and error method, but was hoping for a doc, or some good verbiage about what I need to do now to get the remote phones working. Thanks.

Anyone? Thanks in advance.

Just checking, can anyone point me to a definitive guide of freepbx settings and yealink settings to have this work, to sue remote yealink phones / freepbx / sip? I seriously do not see much via google.

So far the best I have found is a whitepaper by yealink has entitled ‘OpenVPN_Feature_on_Yealink_IP_Phones’. Anything else definitive out there, surely someone has yealink phones remotely connecting via sip into their freepbx server?


Ahhh, success, but what a pain in the a… to find the right combination of settings. Pretty cool though, and I was able to used a brigded setup for vpn so freepbx just works w/o any setting changes. When a phone connects via vpn, it gets an internal network ip, so no other freepbx setting changes required.

It is nice to finally see the VPN icon on the phone for a change :slight_smile: Phone works great remote.

There’s some info here that might help people in the future -

Also, there’s some more info here and a video about connecting remote extensions via OpenVPN - Some of it is specific to our service, but with plenty of general info.


Also, if anyone is interested, I will create a complete step-by-step tutorial of the entire process, from configuring ubuntu 14.04 network settings through openvpn setup and cert creation to exact settings on both the client and server for the conf files.

Hi Mike366:

I would be highly appreciative if your could share your VPN instructions.
I’ve done router-to-router VPN but now I need to setup remote Yealink phones and could really use some guidelines.

I’m using the FreePBX x64 distro out of the box which uses CentOS - no other mods.

Thanks in advance!


Sure, I am out of town right now, but will be back on Friday and see if I have any instructions. We use Yealink too works like a charm into ubuntu openvpn server.

Wow, been a while since I was on here, I now see your request is 2 months old, you still need the info?

Yes, please!

hi team, i stil have the same problem
i can ping and open config from remote to the vpn server, telent no issue but phones don’t want to register… any tips?
server is on and vpn network is on 10.100.12.xx
i’ve added into firewal as trusted network, is that correct?
it just seems it doesn’t want to register at all “no response”


What kind of VPN (OpenVPN, IPSEC, etc.)?

Is the server running on the PBX itself, on the firewall at the PBX location, or on something else?

Is the client built into the phone, running on the firewall at the remote location, or on something else?

Is there any NAT involved with the VPN tunnel (does the phone get an address from the VPN server in the same subnet as the PBX)?

Please post make/model of all devices in the path.