Remote phones allow outgoing calls but not incomming

We have a freepbx server and all phones that are in the same location as the server (lan) work correctly however the phones that are out of the office via a WAN connection only allow outgoing calls but incoming calls don’t work. We have checked the ports and found it to be ok. We have even placed the server in a DMZ still with no luck. We have used multiple phones at multiple locations including softphones. With the same results. “the person at the extension … is unavailable please leave a message…” Please help!

The external devices are showing as unreachable. NAT is set to yes both on the phones and server.

030/030 D N A 16298 UNREACHABLE

FreePBX on CentOS 4.7

It’s obviously a firewall issue. I would suggest a VPN connection for the phones. Open ports are security risks and SIP can require a lot of ports. Is it possible to VPN for the phone connection? That’s how we have all of our remote phones setup.

You have some sort of network issue. The phones can’t be reached.

I am sure you will see they are not registered. Do a ‘sip show peers’ from Asterisk to check.

You provided no information on your system at all, “FreePBX Server” is meaningless?

What version FreePBX and Asterisk? What OS and how was it installed. If you used a distribution (distro) which one?

Have you checked that your externip and localnet settings are correct under “Asterisk SIP Settings”?