Remote Phone Stopped Working

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

I’m having troubles with a phone. We have Cisco spa525G handsets, about 8 of them. All inside the network and two outside but those two are connected through an IPsec tunnel that basically extends the network remotely to that site.

We do have one other phone that is outside the network, and did originally work but then the power went out to the main office where the phone server is, and also to the client house, where the external phone is.

From what the phone configs look like, it seems that it was pointing at the external side of our router and should be pushed to the phone server. However it doesn’t seem to be able to. The internet is fine and the phone works on the internal network. I’ve checked both router configs and they seems fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just let me know if you need anymore information.

Thanks heaps :slight_smile: