Remote-Phone (BLF button ONLY) [SOLVED]

Hi SangomaOS Team:
Hi FreePBX Forum:

You know how one can set a BLF-button on an IP phone to “monitor” the voicemail of another extension using this syntax:


Using this as a BLF: does NOT require the IP endpoint to have the x100 extension “registered” to the IP phone.

This has been working for years now (under FreePBX).

What we wanted to ask is:

What if: you wanted to have the *98100 (BLF) work as a button to monior the VM-box of x100: but what-if the PBX with the x100 extension is “remote to this IP endpoint”?


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Could something like this work?

I know we could “easily” register the IP endpoint to the remote-PBX as any extension, and then use the *98100 syntax (even if the x100 remote extension is not the endpoint registered to the IP phone)?

Thanks for any thoughts!

In the current setup of FreePBX, no. There’s no way to get the state of Device B from PBX B via PBX A. Sharing the state statuses requires extra work on the Asterisk side and both systems need to be Asterisk driven.

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