Remote Office Phone Connect NO Vpn

I have a home office that i am trying to setup. Limited ability to change router on remote site no VPN Avl. I am tring to connect a cisco spa525. I have a zyxel firewall protecting the Freepbx server and only specific IP’s are let in. I have let this ip in and can see it getting thru the firewall. But the registration is coming back 403 failed. I am not trying to download a config file just setting up the ext the old fashion way as it is only one phone at one home office. Any advise.

Registration State: Failed - 403

403 - Forbidden.

Your ACL list for this extension is wrong or your password is. The older Cisco phones had a password length limit of 8 characters. The newer phones (like the SPAs) is longer, but you may still be exceeding the max if you are using the system generated password.

Have you looked at your log files; specifically “/var/log/asterisk/full”? It usually tells you specifically why the system generated a 403 error.

Ok so i totally missed the obvious i had the wrong ip in the permit ip field in the extension. So i can get it to register but after one phone call ether external or internal Freepbx endpoint manager status goes to Unreachable. I have so limited knowledge of asterisk that the commands to look into the log files really gives me fits.

I’m gonna guess the route back to the phone isn’t reaching it. This sounds like a networking problem.

I’m going to guess you have NAT set up at both ends. If that’s the case, you are going to have to redirect the phone end so that traffic from your server can get to it.

From the GUI, go to “Reports” and then “log files” (I think - it’s right there on the screen) and look at the log file after you make a call. The error message should be there.

I was able to view the file in asterisk this is what i go when the extension registered

[2016-09-07 11:31:17] NOTICE[2752] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘4001’ is now Reachable. (58ms / 2000ms)
[2016-09-07 11:32:21] NOTICE[2752] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘4001’ is now UNREACHABLE! Last qualify: 58

For whatever reason, your phone is no longer “visible” to FreePBX/Asterisk. This can take the form of bad network connections, laggy networks, router misconfiguration, slow connections, bad NAT settings, bad router settings, and about 15 others.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really a FreePBX problem at this point - it’s probably an infrastructure problem. Try pinging the phone from the PBX continuously for a while, you may be able to see a pattern to the outage.

Check this discussion and see if it applies in your case.

Another discussion there the phone initially connects and then disconnects. Maybe this is part of your deal too.