Remote Login - "Failed to load XML file"

I’ve successfully managed to provision a remote S500 using zero touch and endpoint manager in FreePBX v14. However, this only works when I map the extension to an account in EPM.

I cannot get the “Login External” / hot-desk feature to work.
When I try to login from the phone all I get is: “Failed to load xml file”.

  • PBX is located on a VPS in the cloud.
  • The responsive firewall is correctly configured (as far as I am aware).
  • The Rest API is enabled.
  • Provisioning is over HTTPS
  • RestApps is running and so is the external port.
  • Under EPM’s external global settings and the template, I’ve got the server’s FQDN configured.
  • “Internal” is set to “none”.
  • The necessary template is configured as the default external template.
  • I’ve got the latest version of Phone Apps / Rest Apps.
  • The S500’s firmware is the latest.
  • The redirection on Sangoma’s portal has also been setup correctly - since mapping the extension in EPM works perfectly.
  • https://<HOST>:<PORT>/applications.php/donotdisturb/main?user=<EXT> - is returning the expected value.
  • I’ve reset the phone to factory settings numerous times.

I’ve tried everything I could think of - if anyone has any ideas I would be most appreciative.

I would upgrade phone Apps and EPM to edge with:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade endpoint
fwconsole ma --edge upgrade restapps

Then rebuild and re-provision your phones. If the issue persists, open a support ticket from the support link at the top of the page.

So I tried the Edge versions and rolled back to Stable.

It worked, but it wasn’t reliable. It only worked 2 out of 3 times - and I would still get the “XML failed to load” error at times.

Further, the edge versions removed the BLF indicators on phone apps - for example, as soon as I upgraded, the DND and Call Forward lights were just off and I couldn’t get them working. Rolling back fixed the BLF lights immediately.

I suppose until a fix is resolved I’ll manually map the extensions. Is there an indication as to when a new version of RestApps and EPM is coming out?

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