Remote handsets suddenly cant connect

I have a Freepbx 14 system, running great for the last month.
1 local SPA942 handset, 2 remote/external SPA942 handsets.
Until this morning everything working perfectly. And suddenly, external handsets cannot register.

Trunks are registering fine on 5060.
I’m quite certain all extensions were previously registering on 5060.

Since failing to connect today, I see that, for one handset, the remote extensions are attempting to register on 57529, 57530, 57531, 57532, and status is Uunreachable. BLF’s are green.

For the other handset, there appears to be no registration attempt and status is Unknown. BLF’s are Orange.

Both remote handsets are at the same remote location and on the same internet connection.

I have made absolutely no changes to cause this - and I cannot seem to find a solution to fix it.
I have tried disabled modem firewall and responsive firewall. This has made no difference.
SIP ALG is also disabled.

I’m thinking the port numbers (575xx) may be the issue. Where are these port numbers coming from?
I am certainly not forwarding these port numbers as I have never seen them before.

Any ideas or suggestions? Really stuck on this.
Thanks all.

I have 2 external handsets. Suddenly the port numbers are being remapped from 5060 to 57529 and 57530.

Both handsets are not unreachable since this started happening.
Yesterday they were both registering on 5060 and working perfectly.

Could any suggest how or why this is happening, and where I can make changes to these port numbers so they can register back on 5060.

Much appreciated.

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What kind of handsets?
Router Reset?
FreePBX Version?
Port on the phone or port on the server?
How are you figuring this out?

Something had to change.

I changed that to “now”, since “not” was just confusing.

What do you mean by this? This kind of stuff doesn’t “just happen”. Something changed.

Also, the port numbers on both ends of the connection are independent, so which port numbers are you talking about? Also, NAT will change the port that the server sees as the port for the phone at the remote end, so that setting might make perfect sense.

Are you saying the phones are trying to register on ports that are not 5060, or are you saying that the phones are listening on different ports now and that you are trying to connect to them on port 5060?

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