Remote Extensions - Polycom Phones

We are trying to setup a Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 as a remote extension with a FreePBX server that is inside a NAT/Firewall/Router. Preferably we would like to do this without using a VPN on the firewall.

Does anyone know what the best way to do this would be, or if it is possible without a VPN?

It’s possible, but generally foolish. Here are the instructions.

Why are you so opposed to using a VPN? They’re much safer.

Thanks AdHominem. We currently have a VPN setup. It becomes an issue though as we don’t administer the VPNs so anytime a remote extension needs to be setup we have complications getting a VPN setup. We also would like to use remote extensions such as Bria softphones on iPhones/Android which from my understanding have a lot of major bugs running through a VPN from the mobile phone.

By opening up the ports needed to allow remote extensions, you’re inviting hackers into your machine IMHO.