Remote extensions over VPN settings

remote extensions over VPN settings
Asterisk server at site (A)
2 remote phones at site (B) with a VPN in place using Linksys RV042 VPN Routers

Would the settings go in the sip_custom.conf

What would the settings be.

Many Thanks!

Tim Booth

Any time you have phones on a different subnet be it over a VPN, wan or even locally you need to add the localnet= statement into the sip_general_custom.conf file (or for older implementations it was in the sip_nat.conf file).

The localnet= statement tells asterisk to NOT provide the external IP in the sip packets for any transmitted traffic from these networks. The only other time it does this is when it receives a request from a phone on the same subnet as the phone, ti will then provide it’s local network address. It is [u]highly recommended[/u] that anytime you start using the localnet= statement that you also include one for the servers local subnet (yes you can have more then one) for clarity.