Remote extensions no audio


I ve setup 2 remote extensions through VPN.
The extensions are registered but no audio when i call them or try to call me.

Phones are ringing and i can see in the logs that a bridge is established when he picks up the phone.

Phones are Sangoma 500 and S206

FreePBX server is version

I did a sip trace and i can see that both phone have negotiated fot the media capabilities

Have you added the subnet(s) of your VPN extensions to the local networks in Asterisk SIP Settings?

yes i did that

Allso i 've noticed that the provision also is not working for these 2 remote phone.

In general what are the basic steps we need to do for remote phones through VPN ?

  1. Add the local networks in Asterisk SIP settings field ?
  2. Add the remote network in the permit field in the extension settings ?

What else ?

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