Remote extension registration often fails on VPN

Hello FreePBX forum,

I’m hoping someone can please help with a client vpn problem on a netgear DEVG2020 flashed with Telstra firmware?

They phone occasionally (3-4weeks) when their remote Yealink T38g fails to register with the pbx. The client reboots both remote gateway and phone which sometimes provides a fix, but not always. On the last three or so occasions I’ve logged into the vpn gateways and found the vpn tunnel up and no problem browsing to the phone. But have noticed two identical vpn tunnels appear on the one gateway, although one tunnel is not up. And after a reboot the tunnel report incorrect details as today it reported being up for 16400 days. Router logs report dates years gone even though the time and date are correct on the device. Telstra business will not offer vpn support and netgear will not support the dodgy firmware. I’m unable to obtain later firmware as Telstra inform me it is automatically rolled out. But the client would like to stick with the routers as they paid a premium price for them. It’s almost like the gateways have some sort of intermittent break in the vpn tunnel and blocks the sip ports when it reconnects, the pbx logs show no sign of the remote extension trying to authenticate after the tunnel is back up.

Rebooting both gateways appears to fix the issue.

Would port forwarding 5060 and any other ports required to the remote extension IP and to the pbx IP help on both gateways?

Or has anyone got any other ideas, as I’m at a loss as to why this vpn has this spasmodic behaviour?