Remote dynamic agent login

I’m new here but have used Asterisk and freepbx on and off for a few years now.

I’m running 10.13.66 in a VM and need to have remote dynamic agents. I can set up a CID route to an IVR or extension to go to nnn* or nnn** for queue log in and log out, but really need the CID to be used as instead of manual entry of extension number. I want agents to be able to only log themselves in and out and not enter someone else’s extension out. The application I want to use this for would give users an incentive to log out other queue members. Their mobile phone numbers would be in the follow me section like 9nnnnnnnnnn# I’ve been trying lots of different approaches with this but can’t seem to find the solution. Maybe there isn’t one?? If I was to write my own context I’m a little unsure where to put it to play nice with freepbx.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Did you solve this?

Have you seen this link?