Remote CDR/CEL setup causes web UI errors


Certain web interface features no longer function after configuring remote CDR/CEL setup.

Remote database itself is fully functional, but features that use it seem to be broken.

Error message

Unable to connect to CDR Database using dsn 'mysql:dbname=freepbx;' with user 'freepbxuser' and password 'redacted' - SQLSTATE[HY000] [2005] Unknown MySQL server host '' (2)::SQLSTATE[HY000] [2005] Unknown MySQL server host '' (2)

What I did

  • Followed instructions given in freepbx wiki for setting up remote CDR
  • Additionally configured CEL logging to remote database as well, via Advanced Settings.

What is working

  • All remote database logging (CDR, CEL, and queue log info)
    • By this I mean that the data is where I expect it to be!
  • Lion’s share of the web interface.

What isn’t working

These specific pages:

  • Reports -> CDR reports
  • Reports -> CEL reports
  • Admin -> Module administration
  • Admin -> User management

What I’ve tried

  • Ensuring that the host/user/pass setup is correct, for both Advanced Settings and odbc.ini
  • Adding/removing TCP port specification from both Advanced Settings and odbc.ini
  • Enabling/disabling firewalls on both sides.
  • Grepping through log files for more details.

Still having issues with this.

Anyone have any ideas?

I resolved this issue.

We use a hostname for our database server that only resolves on the internal network, and the ODBC connector would only use the primary DNS server. Reconfigured the system to use an internal nameserver instead and the problem vanished.

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