Remote CDR Causes call inbound calls to stop being answered

FPBX / Asterisk 13.38.1 / 12.7.8-2012-1.sng7

On my main edge system that I use internally, I configured the system to use a remote CDR DB and seeded that DB with a copy of the internal CDR DB. It worked fine initially for a period of time (a few hours?) and logs calls to the remote CDR DB just fine. After this period of time elapses however, the PBX will simply stop answering/processing calls (sending to IVR or Queue/Ring Group that it should be sending the calls to). In the logs I can see the system is aware of the inbound call, but it simply never does anything with it. There is no error or anything that clues me in to what is happening, it’s almost like I had a vanilla system with no inbound routes. If I restart the system it comes back and the cycle repeats.

The behavior started when I added the Remote CDR. Removing the Remote CDR related values I added in the settings fields from the FPBX Advanced Settings GUI stops the unwanted behavior and calls process normally.

Any ideas?

Can elaborate on this? What do you mean that it is aware?

You SHOULD see some errors or more info why it isn’t processing the call…

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