Remote Backup FreePBX 15

Hello all,

Trying to find some kind of documentation for Remote Backup.
Basically you configure a source server, you tell the backup to backup the source server and restore locally, however I’m not seeing how to accomplish this under FreePBX 15.

Any direction appreciated!

Exactly what warm spare is.

I never tried it with FreePBX 15, but works great on 13 & 14.

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Check this out.
The doc for 15 is there. :wink:


Finally backup can be restored from command line! Good job, guys!

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Wiki page linked above is new so let us know if anything is missing.


Hello All,

Thanks for the responses, I didn’t realize I didn’t put this new server on EDGE and the previous version of the backup didn’t have warm spare as an option.


I just wanted to confirm something In reading through the documentation, are we initiating the backup from the Primary now?
Previously the Spare initiated the backup and “pulled” it from the Primary.


Yes , Everything is Handled from primary.


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