Remote Backup and Restore Recomendation

I have the remote SSH backup with automatic restore working on my backup server (thanks for the complete instructions posted!)

To make sure I understand how it’s working, i have a few questions about some details.

  1. If I start AMPORTAL/Asterisk on the backup server, it starts immediately ‘stealing’ calls from my production server (as I would expect since it’s an exact copy of everything including the dial plan and trunk definitions etc). Therefore, I assume that the design is that I don’t want AMPORTAL/Asterisk to run unless i have specifically started it… so I need to make sure AMPORTAL/Asterisk doesn’t start if the server is inadvertently rebooted right?

OR, is the design that i would modify my trunks after backup, then run AMPORTAL/Asterisk while the backups run, knowing that without a ‘reload’ that the trunk configuration wouldn’t change back on me to start stealing calls again?

  1. Will he backups occur even if AMPORTAL/Asterisk is not running (assuming i set them to run nightly on the freepbx GUI of course).

  2. I have Asterisk 1.8 on my backup server and 1.6 on my production server. I’m doing that so that i can use the backup server as a test server to test upgrades (then switch roles of backup/primary and use the former primary as the backup/test server). See any issues with that?