Remote admin of Vultr hosted system

Hi all, I’m not new to FreePBX but I am new to hosting it in the cloud. So far everything is working great except I can only access the web admin site from home, the network I used to set it up. I set up a DNS A record to point to the IP address, When I got to the office today and tried opening the same url or IP, I get a 404. I’ve been digging around for a while today and can’t seem to find where this is being restricted. I am not using a VULTR firewall at the moment, relying on the FreePBX firewall instead. I whitelisted my IP scope in the responsive firewall but that didn’t seem to help. I an registering extensions just fine, it’s only the web GUI that I can’t access.



Check the System Admin module for banned IPs. It’s possible to be whitelisted in the responsive firewall, but the System Admin Intrusion Detection (fail2ban) can still lock you out.

Admin > System Admin > Intrusion Detection

Thanks Chris. Actually it wasn’t that, but I merely had to add my office WAN subnet to the list of trusted external networks. The interface has changed from all of the documentation I found (i.e. no more “zones” tab). I’m all set.

Cheers :smile:

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