Reminder beep on long calls

I have a user who has a cheap call bundle where the calls are capped at 60 minutes, after which they revert to paying full price. This user apparently regularly makes multi-hour phone calls and it ends up costing quite a bit.

What would be handy is for a reminder beep to sound at say 55 minutes into a call, giving them a hint to make an excuse to hang up and redial, starting a new, cheaper rate call.

Can anyone think of a way to do this, either within FreePBX or on the Polycom phone configs? (the phones are SoundPoint IP321).


Add to you “Asterisk Dial command options:” with reference to:-

specifically the L option

Ah, yes that looks like it will work. Its a shame there isn’t an option to only play the warning tone and not cut off the call.

I guess you did’t actually read the reference, there is. Make x large, warn at y repeat at z. (You can take a horse to water . . . )

There’s no need to have a dig. I assure you I did read it, very carefully.

“L(x[:y][:z]): Limit the call to ‘x’ ms, warning when ‘y’ ms are left, repeated every ‘z’ ms)”

The way that’s worded implies that the call will always terminate at some point. What I said was that I never wanted it to terminate. OK I can use a big number, but however big I make it, its not never. Also, the units are milliseconds so it will be a fairly big number, and there’s no clue as to what the maximum value may be.

So lets say, a reasonable maximum call duration is 4 hours (according to my user that is not unheard of). So that’s something like 14400000 ms, then I suppose I can set the Y (seconds left value) to that minus 5 minutes (or 300,000 ms) and Z (repeat) to the same, for a beep at 55 minutes then every 5 minutes after. All of those numbers fit into a 32-bit integer so I guess I’m probably OK.