Reload performance


if we have 2K extensions, what’s happen if we change something and apply?
how is this in FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 13?


Probably nothing noticeable. You might not be able to accept a call if you catch the timing just right, but reloads are pretty non-intrusive.

Yes you’re right. But I want to know how “submit and apply” speed is changed in FreePBX 13?

@tm1000 may be able to comment better but I believe our benchmark for 5,000 extensions is ~2 minutes

Do you know how FreePBX 13 achieve to this speed? I mean what method FreePBX uses.

There is no single method. We went through and did speed improvements with some of the Asterisk team and made improvements in the codebase.

Thanks, but FreePBX uses DB for configs and then re-write them on Asterisk config files. Do you change this process? or you prevent to generate all configs in each “apply”?
Can you please share with us your experiences? or share other docs, links for this improvements.

There are no documents to share. We did not change the write out process. We worked with the asterisk team and we used dynamic hints

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Thanks all, very useful input for me. Hope to get more new ideas!

Their are no ideas. This has all been done in FreePBX 13 and newer Asterisk builds. We have reloads with 5000 users down to 2 mins now.

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Thanks so. For the last question, Is there any ticket for this improvements on Asterisk JIRA?

This was hours upon hours of work across all of FreePBX. And included fixes from the asterisk team. Hundreds if not thousands of lines across multiple files. All of our code is at

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