RELOAD FAILED - Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255

good afternoon friends.

I sent this post asking for your help.

I have a Elstix 2.4. The team works correctly, but when I make a change in the pink headband, this does not go away, always latent although apparently the change was made.

when applying the cambion in the headband, I check logbook in the / var / log / asterisk / full and this shows nothing.

log acces the file, I get the following logbook. where apparently if making the switch. - - [28 / Jan / 2015: 20: 07: 29 -0600] "GET /config.php?type=setup&display=extensions&handler=reload&handler=reload HTTP / 1.1" 200 41078 - - [28 / Jan / 2015: 20: 07: 32 -0600] "GET /config.php?type=setup&display=extensions&handler=reload&handler=reload&handler=reload HTTP / 1.1" 200 41093 - - [28 / Jan / 2015: 20: 07: 38 -0600] "GET /config.php?type=setup&display=extensions&handler=reload&handler=reload&handler=reload&handler=reload HTTP / 1.1 "200 41108

Try applying the headband from FreePBX and returns me this error:

1 error (s) Occurred, You should view the notification log on the dashboard or main screen to check for more details.

I ask your kind assistance to revisit this issue.
As additional data, is not installed anything extra.

You are using a very poor english translator.

Bad translation or not - there should be something here that we can do. I do particularly like the “cambion” line. I had to look that one up.

I’m going to guess that the option “Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Leave Reload Bar Up” is probably set to “True”.

Note that this is not the default, so there might be something nefarious going on.

Im not saying we shouldn’t do anything. I am asking for a more reasonable explanation of the problem

He has an error from hitting the orange reload bar. This brings up two flags.

  1. Orange reload bar is from 2.9 and lower.
  2. It’s an error, nothing about the bar staying up is the issue (and since there is an error the bar will stay up because the reload never completed). We have no idea what the error is because the message wasn’t expanded. Imagine if you got an error on your screen that said “general error, expand for more information” but you called tech support and only told them that and refused to click expand. That is what we are dealing with in this thread.

Also he is also dealing with “Elstix 2.4” (sic) which is notoriously NOT FreePBX. Is “pink the new orange”?

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Yup - it’s true that bad problem descriptions get bad answers.

I hadn’t caught the orange reload bar distinction - I’ve never really paid that much attention to the bar color. I was basing my reply on this snippet:

From this bizarre construction, I though he was saying "The ‘pink headband’ stays on the screen (‘always latent’) but the ‘change was made’ and the system (‘team’) is working.

Of course, as bad a translation as this was, I am the first to admit that I might be completely off-base here.

Sorry for the translation. I attached a picture of the error.

Please scroll to the bottom of that box. The error is at the bottom.

This is the whole message of the text box

 exit: 255
    Checking for PEAR DB..OK
    Checking for PEAR Console::Getopt..OK
    Checking for /etc/amportal.conf ..OK
    Bootstrapping /etc/amportal.conf ..OK
    Parsing /etc/amportal.conf ..OK
    Parsing /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf ..OK
    Connecting to database..OK
    Connecting to Asterisk manager interface..OK
    Added to globals: ASTETCDIR = /etc/asterisk
    Added to globals: ASTMODDIR = /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules
    Added to globals: ASTVARLIBDIR = /var/lib/asterisk
    Added to globals: ASTAGIDIR = /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
    Added to globals: ASTSPOOLDIR = /var/spool/asterisk
    Added to globals: ASTRUNDIR = /var/run/asterisk
    Added to globals: ASTLOGDIR = /var/log/asterisk
    Added to globals: CWINUSEBUSY = true
    Added to globals: AMPMGRUSER = admin
    Added to globals: AMPMGRPASS = Password
    Added to globals: AMPDBENGINE = mysql
    Added to globals: AMPDBHOST = localhost
    Added to globals: AMPDBNAME = asterisk
    Added to globals: AMPDBUSER = asteriskuser
    Added to globals: AMPDBPASS = Password
>     1 error(s) occurred, you should view the notification log on the dashboard or main screen to check for more details.

and this is in the main screen to more details.

Critical Error retrieve_conf failed, config not applied
Ignore this
Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255
Added 31 minutes ago

Is that the last line? If so there are bigger issues at hand here.

that’s right, that’s the last line,