Reload causes Queue Member Invalid

Asterisk 1.8
Queue Module

This seems to happen on Asterisk 11 to with Freepbx 2.11. Queue members are dynamic, user and device setup for hot desking. User logs into phone *11 enters in to queue, hints enabled on queue and Generate hints set in Advanced Settings and Device State set. All works until I make any change in Freepbx and hit reload then queue members look like logged off and show Invalid.

Calling queue does not help. If user tries to log in to device goodbye is heard as user is already logged in to device only logging out and logging back in to device *11 gets member back into queue and devstate set back correctly too Not in Use.

Please help as driving me nuts. I have searched and see this was a bug in an older version and preload and added to modules.conf no worky.

Any advise please?

Even though enable Dynamic Hints on user device is a warning, this seems to be the problem but does not sort the underlying problem. I have extensively tested and there is still either a devstate or hints problem. If user logs out of queue they are still recognised as In Use, instead if invalid, this bug exists in Asterisk 11 and Freepbx 2.11 and Asterisk 1.8 and Freepbx 2.10.

Facing same issue, asterisk 1.8.24, freepbx

Is this bug reported yet?


You understand that not enabling dynamic hints fixes this tekach? Enabling generate hints etc on queues and device states as per normal.


Thanks for info, I have removed dynamic hints in advanced settings and all is OK now.