Relationship between inbound route and analog channels

I am having some trouble understanding some concepts.
I am trying to do:
2 analogs channels, with different phone numbers. (1 and 2, just for the example).

What I want to do is that, when I call the phone number 1, the Inbound route will forward the call to extension 110.
When I call the phone number 2, the Inbound Route will forward the call to extension 111.

I remember that in the previous versions of freepbx, in the inbound route there was some way to establish a relationship between the inbound route and the zap channel (if I remember correctly) or analog channel in this case.

It’s curious I can’t find anything related to zap.

I am using regular phone numbers. Not DID numbers.

Thanks in advance for the help.


The ZAP DID module allows you to assign Pseudo DID’s to DAHDI channels for routing.

Makes sure you note the context instructions in the module page.