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Hi everyone. I have two network interfaces and I´m planning the following:

  • The first interface for the services: ssh,http/https, ftp/vsftp, …(so on)
  • The other interface only for Asterisk Services.
    The thing is I want to do like “a service plane” for sysadmins and “a customers plane” for customers

Sorry, I didn’t write the question: Any ideas of how to accomplish? I’ve know FreePBX has a simple firewall to use.

FreePBX is 100% not designed for multi-tenancy.

You may want to more clearly define what oyu are doing.

Essentially is:

The Services that will no be available for clients http/https, vsftp,ftp,ssh, only for the sysadmins networks.

The Asterisk Side will be in other interface (network interface)

The thing is tha the PBX is virtualizedd, when two virtual switches (Vmware) are configured. One of them is for Sysadminers, like me and the other is for the clients.Thats also the config done for the PBX.Since The PBX has two network interfaces I just wanted to follow that logic. Also, if its possible to achieve using the firewall of FreePBX will be a nice idea.

You don’t need to have two NICs for this, unless you want to have two different networks. In any case, use the firewall to restrict which IPs can access each service. I don’t see any other way, unless you are going to segregate the network somehow, like VLANs or having two completely different networks that are disconnected from each other.

@Alkbert - this is the key, even though it was presented as a “downside”.

Set up one network in your “normal” way, and set the second one up as a different network IP range. Connect both wires to the primary switch and off you go. Your primary network can have the DHCP server and it can serve both networks. The IP address assigned to the machines will have to be based on service class which you can do via request type, IP address, or machine-class.

Note that this is a little more complicated a setup than other people are using, but it’s certainly not unusual. I have at least two customer networks set up exactly this way.

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